80mm tube adapter for 120mm fan (2024)

Improved 80mm tube adapter for 120mm fan

This adapter makes possible to extract fumes from the cabinet of your printer using a normal 120mm computer fan.

tube adapter for 80mm fan

This adapter suits a 1.5" ID vacuum hose to an 80mm fan. It features subpar stator blades for directing airflow correctly. Originally designed to extract air from a Solidoodle case and expel it externally, this part can be printed on any 3D printer.

Fan adapter 80mm - 120mm

Fan adapter with it's skirts/ adaptateur pour ventilateur avec ses jupes 80mm - 120mm Allows you to use a 80mm fan on a 120mm place or the opposite, the skirts allows you to have better fitting and increase air flow and pressure. If you like my...

Adapter 120mm PC-Fan to 80mm Flex Tube

This is an adaptor to mount a standard 120mm PC-Fan on the one side and a 80mm aluminium-flex-tube on the other one. ... This is used at my sim-rig for ventilaton purpose.

Ventilation tube fan adapter 80mm

Ventilation tube adapter for 80mm fan. ...Tube diameter 100mm.

80mm fan to tube (80mm) adapter

Simple adapter to connect a 80mm tube to a 80mm hole for a fan.

80mm to 120mm Fan Adapter Offset

... other is offset to the corner. I also indented the 80mm fan screw holes for the heads of the screws so they will be flush with the Adapter with mounted. ... Work in progress as I haven't tested to see if the adapter would fit on 120mm and 80mm fans.

Hotswap fan adapter - 80mm to 120mm

Server hotswap fan adapter. ...Remixed this to fit in my homelab server. Had these 80mm, 10db fans laying around which are way more quiet than the 120mm fans included with the case for slicing upscale to 1000% something with the dimensions

PC Case Fan Adapter - 80mm to 120mm

To install a 80mm fan in place of a 120mm fan, use the appropriate adapter that fits the fan. The adapter comes in two types- one with a round opening and another with an eight-sided irregular shape. ...Both adapters are measured in millimeters.

Fan duct adapter 120mm to 80mm cvm

A adapter to build custom fan ducts at a low price, one side connect to 120mm DC fans, the other side to a 80mm air vent duct (cvm). Fast to print, with no support.If you like my work, don't forget to tip me. - Un adaptateur pour faire vos...

Smallest 120mm to 80mm fan adapter

Made this to change wraith spire fan with 120mm fan. Print 4 of them. First connect parts to the fan with fan screw. Holes are universal 4.3mm fan screw holes. Then connect the fan to the heatsink / fan mount through fan blades. ... Some fans may...

80mm x 120mm to 120mm pc case fan adapter

Adapter to mount 120mm pc case fan to rear 80mm x 120mm fan grille, preventing blowback. ...Screw the adapter to the fan first using the screwdriver holes provided, then attach the adapter to the pc case.

Tilted 80mm x 120mm to 120mm pc case fan adapter

Adapter to mount 120mm pc case fan to rear 80mm x 120mm fan grille, preventing blowback. Angled slightly downwards to improve airflow. ...Screw the adapter to the fan first using the screwdriver holes provided, then attach the adapter to the pc case.

120mm Fan To 125mm Tube Adapter

An adapter to mount tubes onto 120mm fans

2x 80mm Fan to 120mm Fan Adapter with 90° (Prototyp)

This is a 2x 80mm Fan to 120mm Fan and can be used with most ServerCases since they use mostly 2x 80mm Fan on their Back to exhaust hot air. With this Duct you should be able to put a 120mm Fan in an 90° angle followed by a tube to exhaust the hot...

Mean Well PSU Cover for 120mm Case Fan with 80mm adapter (ender 3)

A cover for Ender 3 pro power supply which allows using standard 120mm (or smaller) computer fan.Remix of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4266426Changes I've made:made it thinner (1.2mm - 4 layers @ 0.3mm) - it doesn't need to be strong and it...

80mm fan to 75mm tube adapter

This is an adapter for a 80mm fan to 75mm tube. Turbulence is not bad, but no matter how i try any adapter that tries to push air through a much smaller tube doesn't work because of turbulence. This is just fine. ...

80mm fan to tube adapter straight

An adapter part to get an 80mm fan to a shop-vac hose. ...Stator fins inside to funnel the air because the fan I used couldn't push air into the tube with such a short transition.

120mm fan adapter to 103mm OD tube

This is a 120mm fan adapter to a 103mm OD tube / pipe (ID is 104mm so 1mm tolerance) Was designed to use on a server rack with a fan to guide hot air out using a pipe.

cooler adapter 120mm - 80mm

Adapter for downsizing a 120mm cooler to an 80mm cooler

80mm Fan to 3 in Tube Adapter

This is an adapter for an 80mm fan to a 3 inch dryer duct (aluminum or spring material). I originally made this to adapt to the "Active Carbon and Hepa Filter assembly set" by Donzi (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1764408). This is the reason for...

120mm fan to 100mm ventilaton tube adapter

This is an adapter for an 120mm fan to an 100mm flexible air hose. ...I've made thise so that I can use this to extract fumes from a laser engraver.

Fan Mount 120MM->80MM

Simple mount for 120MM fan to enter in a 80MM tube. ...Print SettingsRafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't...

80mm to 120mm fan adapter for photon

Customized version of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:735038Created with Customizer! ...https://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=735038

Fan Adapter 80mm - 120mm

80mm fan to 120mm fan

Adapter from 80mm computer fan to 120mm computer fan

120mm fan to 1.5" tube adapter

I print a lot of parts inside my house and leave a couple windows open for ventilation from the plastic melting vapor. Unfortunately, when it gets cold out, I don't want to open all my windows so I'm building a fume extraction system. This is a key...

DeepCool fan tower adapter for 120mm fan

This is simple adapter for 120mm fan to be mounted on Deepcool tower cooler(or another) with 80mm clip for replace old noisy one.

120mm Fan Intake for fans with 80mm hubs.

As the title says - 120mm Fan intake for fans with 80mm hubs.Its 20mm deep, does not impact fan noise much (on my fan) Looks cool too ! If you like my things please consider donating via paypal : jaraddavey@tpg.com.au or use the 'tip' feature...

80mm to 120mm Fan Mount Adaptor for SAMA IM01

I make the adapter to be 3mm but I guess you can take 1 or even 2mm (sacrificing the counterbore for screws of the 120mm fan) further from it if needed. For the spacers, 3 1mm ones are sufficient for my use case. ...You will not want to replace them...

80mm tube adapter for 120mm fan (2024)
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