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Little Duck is a Solaris Rail agent with a mysterious past, with many connections to the more enigmatic and secretive factions in the System. Lately, she has returned to Fortuna to serve as a representative of the Vox Solaris Syndicate.

Syndicate information

Little Duck conducts the dealings of the Vox Solaris Syndicate, located in a backroom in a hidden part of Fortuna. Vox Solaris is described thusly:

Solaris United's core personnel operating under the name of that group's enigmatic and anonymous figurehead. SU is the public face of the struggle. Vox Solaris is something else entirely; something known only to Eudico… and the Quills.

Vox Solaris (through Little Duck) offers Corpus-technology Amp components, and Virtuos and Magus Arcanes for the Operator, as well as craftable Operator apparel based on the clothes worn by the Solaris. Little Duck also offers Gravimag components, and blueprints for the Baruuk and Hildryn warframes. After the New War quest, Little Duck will offer the Captura scene for Praghasa's Throne Room as well. The Syndicate ranks, from least to most favoured, are:

  • Neutral: [no description]
  • Operative: We watch, we anticipate, we intercede. We're just getting started.
  • Agent: Got a good feeling about you, kid.
  • Hand: Glad to have you with us. We say, you do. We have been waiting for you, to deliver upon them a terrible ruin.
  • Instrument: The best of our best. Your acts are legendary. Your acts can never be known.
  • Shadow: You're one of us. Together we reach from the darkness to reclaim our future.

Unlike the faction Syndicates, Standing with Vox Solaris is earned by trading in Toroids dropped by enemies on the Orb Vallis, or donating Amps. Eudico and The Business, the other two members of Vox Solaris, can also be found in the backroom, and can be interacted with in order to begin the Orb Mother bounties – the primary method of obtaining Toroids for Standing.

Little Duck will also trade Sentient-related miscellaneous items for Anomaly Shards gathered in the Veil Proxima. These trades are under the option "Exotic Goods" and are separate from her role in the Vox Solaris Syndicate.

Idle quotes

These are un-subtitled lines that Little Duck says when she is not interacting with anyone.

"Hey, hotshot! Over here."

"Got a minute?"

"You want to see something, well, don't stand in one place."

"Biz once told me, a divinin' conscience finds its way home with a gun in its hand. He was talkin' about stickin' to values, about livin' with decisions, but, I like to think of meself as Fortuna's conscience. Returned home, ready to make some hard, correct choices."

Greeting a warframe

Little Duck only speaks with Tenno in their Operator form, and will not engage if they are piloting a warframe.

"Can't say I like the way you look, if you catch my drift."

"If you knew who I was, who I represent, you wouldn't have walked in here lookin' like that."

"You don't know the Quills. If you knew the Quills, they'd have mentioned your name. You'd best be goin'."

"I deal with people, not machines, mate."

"You wanna deal with me? Lose the rig. Know what I mean?"

Greeting the Tenno

(if the Tenno is new to Vox Solaris) "Well, well, well. Another Tenno. This ain't my usual line a' work, y'understand. I'm not from around here. But I got a fast tractor and know how to jump a Rail, so a new friend in Cetus set me up with all this. Name's Little Duck: fortune hunter, Rail agent and the girl your Mumsie warned you about. And, now, somehow, the local Quill-endorsed purveyor of Amps and assorted paraphernalia. So, what'll it be?"

"Ready to dance on some faces?"

"If Solaris United is gonna be what it once was, things need getting done. Run your optics over this."

"Been seein' a lot of your kind since a certain incident with a blind girl and a Void Gate."

"We keep meeting like this, people are gonna talk."

"Feel like gettin' into trouble?"

(if the Tenno has just reached rank Shadow) "Well. This is me. What? Didn't expect me to be so pretty? I put in a lot of miles in this rig. Some days it shows."

(if the Tenno is rank Shadow) "Hotshot! The once and future maker of all trouble. Pull up a pew."

(if the Tenno is rank Shadow) "So here we are: just the two of us, and me with somethin' to make your day. Check this out."

(if the Tenno is rank Shadow) "What kept you, hotshot?"

(if the Tenno is rank Shadow) "Spoke to The Business lately? How is he? Does he ever…? Nevermind. You and me, we need to talk."

(if the Tenno is rank Shadow) "Me old mate. 'Tween you and me, I ain't just here just to sell this stuff. There's… somethin' to this place. Somethin' other. I'm stickin' around 'til I crack it."

Browsing offerings

"Any of this useful?"

"Oi. See anything you fancy?"

"Authentically hand-crafted by colourful locals."

Purchasing an item

"Anything else?"

"You've got a deal."

"Works for me. All yours."

Exiting offerings without purchase

"Your call."

"Easy come, easy go."

"No skin off my proverbial, matey."

Exiting offerings after purchase

"See you on the Rails."

"See you when I see you."

"Don't get too comfy, now."

Amp assembly

"Okeydoke. You choose the bits, and I put 'em together so you can go off and kill people with your brain. I assume that's how these things work. Never been game to try one meself."

"The Quills tell me you need to be careful picking what bits you want. An extension of your will or somethin'. I guess you don't want to go plugging in something unfriendly to your software."

"Amps are powered by the human brain… I guess? So choose wisely, yeah? You wind up with a head full of fried bacon, I don't have a lot of ways to air this room out."

(if the Tenno has no Amp components) "Gonna need parts to work with here, friend. Maybe… come back when you're good to go?"

If the Tenno idles while selecting Amp components

"Choice paralysis, matey?"

"First time putting one a' these together?"

"Fortune favours the bold, matey. Just pick somethin'."

Forging the Amp

"Tab A into Slot B and… there we go. One Amp, as requested. Maybe just step outside before you fire that up."

"O…kay. Okay. Right. Here y'go. [pause] Good luck."

"I think I'm gettin' better at this! And they told me I needed 'training'."

Other services

"All right. I'm listening."


"Oh, a serious customer, are we? Alright, then."

Gilding an Amp

"Sure. Let's take a look at it."

"You want somethin' dolled up? All right. Can't be any different to repainting a Rail tractor."

"Show us the piece; let's see if it's worth it."

(if the Tenno attempts to gild an Amp that is not Rank 30) "Amp gilding. Right. Look, if it ain't battle-proven, it doesn't get no love. Strict orders. Quills. You know what they're like. 'Power, Will, blah blah blah, co-author the future, endings and beginnings, nyah nyah nyah.' Honestly, I'd never hear the end of it."

Donating an Amp

"Oh. A giver. Step this way."

"Wanna pass it on? Right you are."

"If you're sure, matey. No idea what they do with these things."

(if the Tenno attempts to donate an Amp that is not Rank 30) "I don't know what to tell you, matey. Quills are a fussy lot. Won't take any kind of donation if the Amp ain't – their words – 'proven'. So. [sighs] Just FYI, yeah?"

Confirming an Amp donation

"Done. So, like, uh, do I give you a receipt, or…?"

"I'm sure someone'll know what to do with this."

"You're a good sort."

Entitling an Amp

"So, apparently, I'm supposed to ask if you want to… name it?"

"Onkko said some of you like to name these things? Any requests?"

"So, naming is a thing, yeah? Got your heart set on anything?"

Confirming an Amp entitlement

"So, is that, like, a regular name where you come from?"

"Hey, whatever works."

"I dub thee… what they said."

Skipping the naming of an Amp

"Hey, they said to ask, so I'm askin'."

"Probably for the best."

"Yeah, just thought I'd ask."

Killing an enemy

"Better you than me."

"How many more of you are there?"

"Another one down. You Outworlders can thank me later."

"Scratch one."

"Scratch another."


Mission control

Little Duck acts as mission control for the following game modes:

  • Disruption (outside of Jupiter)

Little Duck's story is told in the memory fragments scattered around the Orb Vallis. Her personnel file was shown during the Fortuna ARG, and she has additional dialogue in the Profit-Taker heist bounties. Little Duck plays a prominent role in Operation: Scarlet Spear, and a lesser role in the New War quest. She also plays a large role in the Warframe: Ghouls comics, and is mentioned in the dialogue of Eudico, The Business, and Rude Zuud, as well as by Nora Night during Nightwave: Glassmaker, and by Ticker during Star Days.

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Little Duck Dialogue – Orokin Archives (2024)
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